Monday, August 29, 2016

Parramatta (Australia) Diocesan Newspaper Catholic Outlook Back Online, with Text of Bishop Vincent Long's Ann D. Clark Lecture Calling for Catholic Church to Reassess Approach to Gay Folks

For those who may not have seen the note I added last night to my posting earlier yesterday noting that Bishop Vincent Long's Ann D. Clark lecture had once again disappeared from the website of his diocesan newspaper Catholic Outlook (and, indeed, h/t to Bose, that the entire website was down):

As I noted last night, after the Twitter account of Bishop Long's Diocese of Parramatta, Australia, began following me on Twitter yesterday, I linked in return to that account and, when I clicked on several links to Catholic Outlook in the diocesan Twitter feed, I found that the journal was online again.

I see that Bishop Clark's Ann D. Clark lecture is now avaiable there in three installments — here, here, and here. This lecture is a valuable contribution to the discussion of how the church relates to the wider culture in the 21st century. I hope it will continue to be widely read.

The photo of Bishop Long is a screenshot from a video uploaded to YouTube by the Diocese of Parramatta, introducing Bishop Long as the new bishop of the diocese in May 2016.

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