Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Michael Coren: Let's Not Forget That Many Churches Used to Oppose (and Not Long Ago) Gender Equality and Women's Right to Vote, Citing the Bible As Their Authority

Another snippet from Michael Coren's Epiphany: A Christian's Change of Mind and Heart Over Same-Sex Marriage (Toronto: Signal, 2016), p. 67. As he notes, many churches today maintain that they would be in violation of unchangeable biblical teaching if they changed how they dealt with gay* people, and became welcoming, affirming, and accepting of those who are gay. 

But we have only to go back a few years in the history of Christianity to see that these very same churches used to make that very same argument about supporting women's rights including the right of women to vote. If churches today sought to resurrect the argument that the bible forbids women the right to vote, they'd be laughed at — including by their own church members.

Even as those church members claim that it's impossible to welcome, affirm, and accept those who are gay . . . . Because the bible says . . . .


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