Monday, January 26, 2015

Falling a Bit Behind with Comments

I'm in one of my falling-behind spells vis-a-vis acknowledging comments here, folks. I'm trying to answer at least most of the comments that address me directly. 

If I fail to acknowledge your comment by hitting the like button (I try to do that with almost all comments people make here, to tell you I read it and appreciate it), or if I fail to reply to a comment directed to me, please know that the reason is that I'm struggling to keep up. I've picked and chosen among comments to which I responded today, and that doesn't indicate that I like one of you better than the other — just that some comments seemed to me to demand a response more than others did.

I wanted to tell all of you who left much-appreciated comments about our friend who died recently how much I appreciated each of those. I am hoping to see the surviving husband of our friend who died last week soon, and when I do so, I'll tell him about your condolences to him. Thank you for those.

The graphic is a still shot from the famous episode of "I Love Lucy" when Lucy and Ethel fall behind in their work in the chocolate factory. The episode has been uploaded to YouTube by History104WWU.

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