Saturday, January 3, 2015

County Clerks in Florida Refusing to Marry Anyone if Gays Can Marry: A Footnote

A quick footnote to my posting earlier today about the decision of some county clerks in Florida to shut down courthouse marriages altogether — for everyone — rather than marry the gays: on my Facebook page, I posted a link to Mark Joseph Stern's Slate article about the Florida story, an article that I discussed in my posting here earlier today

In response to Stern's article, a Facebook friend of mine (actually, a distant cousin who grew up in northwest Louisiana, where my father was born, and has multiple family ties to me, who's a lawyer outside Houston now), wrote, 

Remember the public swimming pools closed all over the south after Brown v. Board of Education in 1964? Same hateful crap.

My Facebook friend/cousin hadn't even read my Bilgrimage posting when she made that remark. It's interesting to me that her mind leapt to the very same historical parallel mine did when I read what some Florida clerks are now trying.

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