Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wallace Best on Eddie Long Story and Need of Churches to Create Welcome Place for All

Wonderful analysis by Wallace Best of the Eddie Long scandal, and of the failure of many black churches (and of churches in general) to address homophobia honestly and with healing intent:

One of my Princeton colleagues recently pronounced the "death of the black church." If by that he means a church that fails to create a welcome place at the table for all God's children, I say good riddance. A new vision for African-American churches (dare I say all American churches) is one that is inclusive, universal, and forward-thinking. In a church like that, no one would have to hide behind a mask, and they would be less likely to hurt themselves or anyone else. 

A church that creates a welcome place at the table for all God's children: one can only keep dreaming. And hoping.

The graphic is one of several paintings that Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Veronese did depicting Jesus at feasts to which every sort of person was invited--a theme for which Veronese was investigated by the Inquisition.

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