Monday, November 9, 2020

"We Need to Talk About the White People Who Voted for Donald Trump": "Only Group in Which a Majority Voted for Trump"

Brandon Tensley, "Millions of White voters are once again showing who they are":

One thing that this week has clarified is the lengths to which many White Americans are willing to go in order to protect their Whiteness, to centralize it, even after a summer that saw unprecedented support for the Black Lives Matter movement.  


Charles Blow, "Exit Polls Point to the Power of White Patriarchy":

Let me be specific and explicit here: White people — both men and women — were the only group in which a majority voted for Trump, according to exit polls. To be exact, nearly three out of every five white voters in America are Trump voters.

It is so unsettling to consider that many of our fellow countrymen and women are either racists or accommodate racists or acquiesce to racists. 

Fabiola Cineas and Anna North, "We need to talk about the white people who voted for Donald Trump": 

In 2016, white voters propelled Trump to the presidency, with 54 percent voting for him and 39 percent voting for Hillary Clinton, according to a 2018 Pew Research Center study. And though the end result might be different in 2020 — exit polls are by no means comprehensive or exact — early evidence shows that white people’s voting patterns look much the same: 57 percent of this group voted to reelect the president while 42 percent voted for Democratic challenger Joe Biden, according to Edison Research’s exit polls of 15,590 voters conducted outside their polling places, at early voting sites, or by phone. That makes white people the only racial group in which a majority voted for Trump, as Charles M. Blow notes at the New York Times. ...

This includes white women, who seem to have backed Trump in similar or even greater numbers this election than they did in 2016 — 55 percent of white female voters cast their ballots for Trump, according to Edison Research exit polls, while 43 percent voted for Biden.  


Tom Gjelten, "2020 Faith Vote Reflects 2016 Patterns," quoting Robert P. Jones:

Since Reagan, we have essentially seen this: white Christian voters have tended to support Republican candidates, and Christians of color and everyone else, including the religiously unaffiliated, have tended to support Democratic candidates. 

Robert P. Jones, "10 things to know on #ElectionDay about white evangelical Protestants":

White evangelicals are not supporting Trump DESPITE his anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-Black rhetoric. These sentiments are part of shared worldview, the ties that bind white evangelicals and Trump.

Perry Bacon Jr., "Biden Won — But The Deep Partisan Divide In America Remains":

A plurality of Americans, including the vast majority of Asian, Black and Hispanic voters, backed the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. A slightly smaller bloc, including the majority of white Americans and the overwhelming majority of white evangelical Protestants, backed the Republican Party’s candidate.  


Umair Haque, "America’s Problem is That White People Want It to Be a Failed State":

America is still about 80% white. 80%. Given the record-breaking turnout, this election is going to be more about America’s white majority than about minorities, probably, at least if every group turns out in record numbers roughly equally. Minorities have much less power than many imagine, precisely because they are still seriously in the…minority. This election is about white America, and if it really wants to live in a democracy — or if it’s happier living in a fascist society.   ...

White Americans, as a group, have never, as a group, voted for a Democratic President. Never in modern history. In fact, the chart above in fact understates the problem. This trend goes back to JFK and perhaps before. Are you beginning to see the problem here? Why I say “America’s problem is that white people want it to be a failed state?” 

Let me make it clearer. White Americans can be relied on, in the majority, as a group, to “vote Republican.” 


Elie Mystal, "Black People Repudiated Trump Like He Was a Piece of Used Gum":

White Democrats have been rejected by the majority of white people in this country. When given the choice between Trump (or some know-nothing Trump-wannabe) and a well-meaning white person with solid policies grounded in science and compassion, white people consistently and overwhelmingly choose the Trump-stan.


Amy Shearn, "Honestly, White Voters, What the Actual Hell":

The fact that White voters — including White women, whose interests you’d think would not be served by a noted misogynist like Trump — continue to support him points to a widespread comfort with, even condoning of, the ideals of White supremacy.  

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