Thursday, May 10, 2018

"In Every Case, 'Wives Submit to Your Husbands' Appears in the Same Context As 'Slaves Obey Your Masters'": A Twitter Conversation for You

I don't mean to shortchange this blog, but I sometimes find that, instead of making statements here, I'm using Twitter instead to engage in at-the-moment conversations about the kinds of issues that interest us at this site. 

A case in point: yesterday, Rachel Held Evans made an excellent point yesterday about the link between a complementarian-subordinationist (for women, to men) reading of the scriptures, and one that used to support slavery. The two go together. They have historically gone together. 

The same kind of people turn to the religion to justify both forms of human oppression. The descendants of white biblicist Christians who supported slavery by quoting bible verses, who then spouted bible verses to justify racial segregation when slavery was abolished, against their will: they're the folks thumping their bibles right now to tell women to remain in their places and LGBTQ folks that they're evil and need to repent.

So my response to Rachel's tweet, which seems to have gotten a lot of attention, and for that reason, I thought I'd share this thread with you today:

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