Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bishops' (and Republicans') Dirty Little War on Women's Health Needs: Recent Comedic Coverage

Congressional Religious Liberty Hearing, Feb. 2012

And if "Downton Abbey" isn't your cup of tea, but you're looking for good television to watch, at Alternet Sarah Seltzer has a good run-down (with clips embedded) of comedic send-ups this past weekend of the Catholic bishops' and Republican men's current war on women's health care.  She links to a clip of Jon Stewart munching a pastrami sandwich and noting the crude, nonsensical absurdity of Bishop William Lori's recent ham-sandwich defense of the bishops' dirty little war. 

There's also another clip of Stewart mocking Rep. Issa's all-boys' panel on "religious freedom" at which Lori spun his . . . unusual . . . ham-sandwich analogy about women's health needs.  And there's a clip of the inimitable Amy Poehler and Seth Myers doing one of their hilarious "oh, really??!" segments about the debacle at "Saturday Night Live."  

Watch.  Enjoy.  Some things can only be mocked, to keep their toxins as far away as possible from us.

In the same issue of Alternet, by the way, Seltzer links to a recent video of Rachel Maddow talking about what the Republicans always like to do when they gain the upper hand: legislate about sex.

About everybody else's sex lives, that is, than those of powerful Republican men.

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